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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  March 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ >> welcome to beautiful orlando, florida where hannity is on the road. for the entire hour we are with senator ted cruz. welcome senator ted cruz. (applause) >> great to be here. >> wow. >> pretty impressive. >> let me start, senator and ask you this question.
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did they give you guys sedatives last night. >> it was calm. i thought it was good that we didn't get into the last few debates had gotten really ugly. you have seen a couple of the candidates on the stage just insulting each other, talking about each other's body parts. listen. i had no opinions whatsoever on any part of donald's anatomy. i am mad we made it through the entire debate. >> we started out with 17 people. this is for my radio and tv audience. unless rubio and kasich show they can win states and compete it is really a two-person race. >> to become the republican nominee you need 1237 delegates.
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there are only two that are on path to that. >> you are in the semifinals. >> we have 361 delegates don has 11 more than i do. >> you have to win florida, ohio, illinois, north carolina all coming up. >> and missouri. >> and missouri. >> florida and ohio winner take all. big contest. how do you define victory tuesday night. >> we are competing in ohio, illinois, north carolina, missouri. we are running a national campaign. what we have seen so far in the primaries is we are winning victories all over the country. >> i interviewed john casey and she says how exciting shield be
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to have a brokered convention. governor mitt romney -- (booing) >> why are you booing me. mitt romney says marco should win florida and kasich should win ohio. why do i believe you also heard about this big meeting with sea island. >> there has been an effort from the beginning to prevent you and donald trump from getting the nomination but the people have spoken otherwise. >> i believe there is an effort to make sure that neither one of you gets to 1237 and brokered convention in comes the establishment and they will offer a quote candidate that will -- a compromised candidate. do you agree that's what their strategy is. >> there's no doubt there are folks in the washington establishment that is their dream go to a brokered
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convention parachute in. they are frustrated. they have had a bunch of chosen candidates. every one the voters keep rejecting. >> but this is really important. if we get to that point, and this came up in the debate whoever has the most delegates should be the person. do you agree with that sfl>> there is a difference between the brokered convention and regular. it is deadlocked and washington comes in and it is brand new. 76 is a contestant. >> if donald and i come in we are neck and neck and neither are at 1237 it's a battle for the remaining delegates. that's the way the convention works. i don't think we are going to do that. we are going to get the 1237 delegates. we are going to beat donald. (applause)
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>> i want to ask you, i go on twitter and facebook and social media. passions are high right now. very, very high. you will be proud. your supporters are social media are extremely -- they are extremely passionate about you. you have got big endorsements this week. mark levin, carly fear reasiori. the two narratives i see emerge and i want to give you a chance to answer this. can ted cruz win a general election? these are not my words. and people like mitch mcconnell are still so angry at you. how do you work with him if he's the senate majority leader? those are the issues i read the most. >> let's take first the general election. if donald trump is our nominee we get killed in the general election. you look at poll after poll
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after poll, hillary walloped donald. the last poll i saw hillary was beating donald by 8 points. those very same polls, poll after poll after poll show me beating hillary clinton head to head. and if you look at the people, if you look at the people we are turning out, the stakes we are winning, we are seeing record shattering turnout. it is dwarfing incredible turnout. >> is it because of the eight disastrous years of obama? it is part of it. you have a federal government that doesn't listen, doesn't care, and people are ready for a change. >> if i had one issue, senator, that i would tell you, there is such palpable anger towards republicans.
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if you look at all of these polls, exit polls, states, it is 65, 65 percent of republicans feel betrayed. they feel the republican party i feel tbetrayed. i feel let down. i feel disappointed. i got to believe your popularity is rooted in the fact that you took on your party but you are hated for it. explain. they go back to the promises they made and fulfill the promises they stood for. >> you do it the same way reagan did. you think about it the last time they broke washington corruption, the bipartisan corruption it was 91 the reagan revolution. vegan didn't go to washington and say come on guys you got to stand for something. it was hopeless.
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instead they built a grass-roots army. that tidal wave swept in and held washington accountable. the two big legislative initiatives repealing every word of obamacare. passing a simple flat tax and abolishing the irs. could i do that in congress? let's take the irs code. it is filled with subsidies and special handouts. >> that's the beauty of the flat tax. the politicians their power goes away. >> could you get paul ryan and
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mitch mcconnell to go along with us? i believe if republicans do another promise like repeal and replace obamacare but won't use the constitutional authority of the purse or if they promise they will stop executive action and they end up funding it, if there is one more broken promise it is the straw that breaks the camel's back of the republican party. >> you are right. could i get leadership to do that now? not in a million years. they are too captive to the lop iests. i intend to make 2016 a referendum on appealing obamacare and abolishing the irs. we come out in november and mandate the people. there is a second. in every battle we have with obama, we have seen what happens which is we end up not winning the battle because republican leadership preemptively surrenders. there's a difference when you have a conservative who says if you send me a bill that is filled with corporate welfare i will veto it. that's what a strong president
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can do. >> this is really important about obamacare. you say you are going to replace it. what are you going to replace it with? >> i know more people average increases around the country for obamacare this year alone, and i am sure you are feeling it here in orlando and florida is up to 40 and 50 percent. look, it is unaffordable. we are not spending the 2500 aer yao. we didn't keep our doctors and our plans, we were lied to. >> you are exactly right. obamacare is a disaster. number one it is the biggest disaster in the country. you are wondering why can't i get a job one of the big reasons is small businesses are getting crushed with obamacare and they can't afford it. people are getting their hours forcibly reduced. do you know how many single moms in florida are weighting tables or working two or three-part time jobs they are at 28, 29 hours a week because obamacare kicked in at 30 hours a week. beyond that what obamacare is doing to our healthcare.
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many lost their doctors and premiums. how many people here have senior premiums sky rocket? not only are you paying more but your deductible is higher and co-pay is higher. why are we writing all of these checks nor medical bills our premiums are going through the roof. our deductible is high if you go to the doctor you pay for it write check after check after check. that's what obamacare has given us. getting rid of it revealing -- repealing every word of it lifts the burden off of small businesses and give millions of jobs. >> how about healthcare reform? >> healthcare reform, we are not done once we repeal obamacare. we still have a problem and we need to expand competition. we need to empower patience so that you can make your
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healthcare decisions with your doctor without government getting in the way. i think the keys to doing that are threefold. number one, allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines. that creates a national 50 state marketplace that drives down costs and expands the availability of low cost catastrophic care. number two expanded health savings account so you can have a tax advantage caway for more routine healthcare. we need to make health insurance affordable so it goes with you from job to job to job if you lose your job you don't lose your health insurance and personal and portable and affordable is more attractive than the disaster we have now. >> we have to take a break. we are in beautiful orlando, florida. we have ted cruz and we are glad you are with us.
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10:16 pm >> welcome back to beautiful orlando, flo orlando. you talk about a flat tags tax. i have asked every candidate in every interview 95 million americans out of work. kwef 40 million on food stamps and 30 million down on obama and he will leaf office accumulating more debt than every other president combined. that is an insurmountable amount. we go 1.25 trillion in the last
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five months. we have a budget deficit during that period of time. we don't have a debt because we are under taxed. we have a debt because washington is spending money it doesn't have. how do you get washington to spend less? i have always liked the penny plan it is simple you cut one sent for every six years you get to a balanced budget. >> the only way you can do it number one with strong conservative leadership in the white house backed up by the people. one of the striking things is in the entire course of the debate it became evident donald trump hadz no solutions to any of these problems. i think the question most americans want to know is how do you get to a balanced budget. all of that matters the most
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important piece if you want to bring down the debt is bring economic growth. if you stay at 1 and 2 percent the math doesn't work. you can't cut enough. donald at the end of the day doesn't understand where growth comes from. he said listen nobody knows the system better than he does. he may be right. he is the system. he is washington. donald's perspective is government is the answer to everything. whatever the problem is we need more government and every issue he doesn't disagree with obama on substance he says they are not doing a good enough job. he will negotiate a better deal with socialized healthcare and obamacare. here's the key. if you want economic growth you know two words that never come out of donald's mouth? small business. from donald's perspective the economy is about giant corporations new york
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billionaires sitting down with politicians whether it is hillary clinton or john boehner and suckling off government and getting rich at the expense of the working men and women the heck with big business. the focus of vogt has to be small business. >> there seems to be a two-prong approach we need. one is government needs to spend a lot less. i would cut a lot of government maybe not the military. the other part is the growth pa factor. energy and independence would add to that. allowing corporations to repatriate. there are trillions of dollars overseas. those are solutions to me. that is part of your economic plans. explain how the flat tax gets people out of poverty and back to work? >> let's start with spending because that was the first part of your question. i laid out a very detailed spending plan. 500 billion in specific spending cuts. did you notice last night and the entire debate donald was not willing to list a single thing
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he would cut. he wouldn't lift an agency or program. i asked him when have you ever stood up to a washington lobbyist on anything? he couldn't spoint to a single instance. donald and hillary are the flip side of the same coin. they are washington. they are power. they are big business. they are corruption. and instead, now listen, why do other candidates not do what i have done which is specify exactly what i have cut because you take off all of the lobbyists they are real unhappy when you say i am cutting your money. they don't want to get attacked. if you are going to turn washington around you have got to stem great t-- demonstrate t courage to take on washington. you don't yell a lot. it makes you ill manored. >> i want to focus as much as i can on solutions. you brought up donald trump a
10:21 pm
lot. when he says he is going to build a wall when he tells me he's going to make america energy independent. relax, all right? do you not believe him? >> no. >> do you not believe -- for example you don't think he would build a wall. he told them he wasn't going to build the wall. he said he went to manhattan a couple months ago and told the new york times -- >> he said he was flexible. that's what he claims he said. what was recorded is he told them listen i don't believe the language i am using about immigration. i am just saying it because it scares people and makes them vote for me. i don't intend to do it. if he releases the tape we can all see the fact that he won't release the tape donald is telling us he's lying to us.
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here is the difference. as president, donald said he will be a completely different person the day after he is elected he will be the most politically correct person on earth. i will be the same person the day after i am elected that i am today. >> we are going to take a break. we are in beautiful orlando florida. we are with senator ted cruz the entire hour. he has a special guest he will be bringing out here as we continue "hannity" on the road. straight ahead. yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at
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said trump supporters are -- rush uses this term a lot. low information volters. you want to appeal to every supporter of every other candidate. >> absolutely, yes. i understand why people are backing donald trump. they are tired of politicians lying to them. they are tired of the corruption in washington. i share all of those sentiments. what happens is when people start to examine trump's record they realize he's what they are angry about. you don't fix the corruption by supporting someone who has been immeshed in the corruption. his argument last night here's how the washington cartel operates. you get career politicians in both both parties. hillary clinton and john boehner sitting at the same table and you have the special interests by donald trump. he writes the big check. he gets richer and richer they
10:26 pm
put in laws that let him do like what he is doing in florida abusing immigration laws bringing in foreign workers for american workers and donald's argument is for 40 years he has been part of that corruption. but now suddenly we are going to put the fox in charge of the hen house. he len corrupting it for 40 years. let's take out the middleman and, by the way, one of the amazing things -- >> you have a big endorsement today from national review. >> yeah. what we are seeing is conservatives uniting behind our campaign. that is happening more and more every day. it is because if we are going to stand up to washington, you have got to have someone who actually has stood up to washington who has taken on the lobbyists who doesn't lack to government for every solution. my solution is get government
10:27 pm
out of your way. you get the federal government off of your back, please. >> thank you. i would really appreciate that. i know everyone here will. the issue of islam came up last night. i don't say it the way donald trump says it . i am my own person. there is a huge cultural divide. we have an alliance with saudi arabia they have been gouging us for years on oil. they have played both sides of the fence. the same with egypt they elected mohammed morsi at one point the former head of the muslim brotherhood a guy who once referred the jews as descendants of apes and pigs. radical islam, with islam people are second class citizens you are not free to practice your religion. you don't have freedom of speech
10:28 pm
in these countries and you were talking about how we have to involve them as part of the solution. aren't they all combined especially under sharia. >> whether it is keeping the country safe fighting islamic terrorism or bringing back the economy he we need a president that knows what he is doing. you have a car that is broken down in the driveway you have one of two options you can go outside of your car and start yelling and cursing at your car and hoping that will somehow fix it or you fix the engine so that it runs. here's the problem. how do we deal -- for example we have the president wants to take in 65,000 syrian refugees and the envoy to defeat isis general john hallen intelligence directr john clapper and fbi director
10:29 pm
james comey says isis will infiltrate. >> of course they will. >> when fin i be is coming froma country that practices sharia do we have to worry they are radicalized in their views and think women should cover themselves and can't drive a car to school or work? >> absolutely. that's why i ban any refugees from countries where al qaeda control any territory at all. >> what about saudi arabia? >> it is why i am leading the fight to shop sharia law here no international law has any authority in erk ma. the thing is people are scared. they see the terrorist attacks. we have the president, president obama who acts as an apologist for islamists and people get more angry. it feels good to yell when you have a president who is not keeping us safe. on policy i have real concerns about donald trump's policy that
10:30 pm
i think he is far too weak on radical islamist terrorism. when donald says as he did last night, he has been plagued the nuclear deal with iran. that is fool hardy and the problem is donald thinks he will just magically negotiate a better deal. sim thank he said with castro keep in place with castro negotiate a better deal. listen we have had a policy for centuries. we don't negotiate with terrorists. iran want to kill us. >> i agree. it is scary what the president has done. what about states like saudi arabia countries likely egypt that played both sides. haven't we played enough? >> there is a difference between the saudis and egypt. i agree saudi has had a terrible history of the royal family funding islamists trying to buy the crocodile off so they eat them last. we need to stand up and exert
10:31 pm
real force over saudi arabia demand they behave as allies and not defunding those that are killing us. egypt is different. it is different. the president is much different. he has demonstrated a courage. i wrote a book last year, time for truth. i quote a speech that he gave the same university. it was january 1st a year ago. elsie see stood up and he called out radical islamic terrorists. he did that as a muslim leader. he is putting a bowunty on his head. he said as a muslim we have got to stop these radical islamic terrorists and the army is tracking them down. >> that is somebody you can work with. why is it egypt'segypt's alabaly president is stronger than hillary clinton or obama. >> we were talking about
10:32 pm
process. marco rubio told supporters in ohio to vote for john kasich to stop -- why are you laughing? >> i am laughing because it's the washiton establishment's last gas. let's divide things up let's play games. it is real, real simple. how do you beat donald trump? you beat him at the ballot box. at this point, shawn, i think they want to stop you. >> i believe the establishment does not want this man or donald trump to win. >> there is no doubt about it. i think there should be a fair price let the american people decide. i believe they want a brokered convention this will be the consensus candidate. at this point our campaign has
10:33 pm
beaten donald 7 separate times. we won a great victory in oklahoma incredible land slide in my state of texas. we won as geographically varied from alaska to maine. we won both of those. we are winning. we won idaho and we beat them in minnesota and we are winning over and ore and over again. >> let's take a break. we will take a break. when we come back a special guest that recently endorsed senator ted cruz as we continue from orlando, florida. this little guy is about to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate. oh. look at this. safe driving bonus. are you a safe driver? lucky little fella. only allstate gives you two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safe.
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thank you for joining me for the hour. also joining us carly fiorina who i got to know and come to admi admire. you made a big endorsement for senator cruz. >> i did. i was proud to do it. i tell you how i got there. it was before i even had had a long meeting with the senator. i live in virginia with my husband frank and i went into the voting booth. >> you decided right there? >> let me tell the story. so i see my own name on the ballot. that's kind of cool. i think about all of my supporters and for a moment i thought, maybe i should cast a vote not for me but for my supporters then i thought why did i run for president? i think we need a real conservative in the white house. we need someone who is actually going to challenge the system. because i think we need someone who is going to stick to the
10:40 pm
substance not talk about spray tans and body parts actually understands these are serious signs of serious issues and they need serious solutions. when i thought about that i thought this is a man who i know the kind of nominees he is going to put in the supreme court. the supreme court hangs in the gals. what is a guy that i know is going to reform washington whether it is the irs or repealing obamacare and veteran's administration. i have led change all of my life. when you do that you challenge the status quo. it is what leadership is about. when you challenge the stat cuss quo you make enemies. it is part of it. it is why most people won't lead it is why most people haven't challenged the system. we are known by the temperature we keep. he is kno-- wp we keep. he is known by the enemies he has made. good for him.
10:41 pm
>> i think i said it on the air. one of the reasons i admire you in your campaign is you were one of the most effective prosecutors against hillary clinton, so i think that is a big endorsement. >> is she on the short list for vp? >> you know what? let's get him the nomination first. we keep jumping ahead here. >> is its my job to jump ahead. >> carly is extraordinary. >> she is a remarkable business leader. ceo of a fortune 50 company. that is a big, big deal. one of the world's most respected companies. she ran an incredible campaign. she is a serious thinker and she is standing up for conservative
10:42 pm
principles. i am humbled to be here. >> i have had the honor of getting to know all 17 of you in a pretty intimate way. i have deep respect. it is hard running for president. there is nothing easy about it. i know long time on the roads you don't even know what cities you are in sometimes. >> it is orlando. >> all right. i know. we are having a magical time. >> although i continue of having nightmares and saying good morning cleveland. it hasn't happened. on the road you worry about that. >> here is my question. there were so many talented people along the way. if you do win the nomination how many of those 17 people do you think you would want to reach out to to be a part of the unity government and with a purpose of
10:43 pm
all of the people out of work are suffering all of the people in poverty and food stamps are suffering. all of the people who pied our countrynd a kids are suffering. do you think that could happen? something that has never happened before. i think about that. what do you think? >> absolutely. i think one of the incredible things you look at the incredible way it started. with he had a depth of challenge lent people who were young dynamic charismatic, passionate principled. >> incredible leaders. >> i have said from the beginning i said any republican president would be a fool for the men and women standing there to not be comprised of a significant portion of the cabinet. >> we put in place leaders for whom it is not lip service.
10:44 pm
>> solutions. solutions to the problems. it is why i don't like donald asking people to pledge support to him. this is not about us it is about the american people. waiting to pledge our support to you. >> we heard you last night. i have interviewed you a lot. i have gotten specifics from you. how firm are these promises, flat tax, wall at the border, your plan to tcarpet bomb isis all of the healthcare repealing obamacare. is this a rule or is this your solemn pledge to the american people. >> this is my solemn pledge. there are many criticisms that have been lofshed at me but
10:45 pm
being overly flexible is not one of them. any one who stands up -- now listen there is always -- there are areas on which you can have room for compromise marginal tax rates. if we sat down and battled like crazy and fought to reluis the tax rates i am going to fight tooth and nail for 10 percent. if we cut it to 12 percent reagan said what do they do if they offer you half a loaf? i will take it. you go and come back for more. there are areas for which you are compromised. you don't compromise on the principle or constitution on the bill of rights on second amendment or religious liberties. >> we will take a break. orlando go, florida. more of ted cruz and carly fiorina. when we come back we w
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and you? rubbery buttons. enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting >> we are in orlando, florida. republican candidate senator ted cruz and carly fiorina have endorsed him. nice shorts. you should see how cold it is in new york.
10:51 pm
welcome. welcome. adds a service member and airman i would like to know what you plan on doing for va healthcare. >> let me start by saying thank you for serving this country. >> two things are going to change if i am elected president. number one it will be accountability. any one who has kept bogus books any one who is alive. if you wrongfully treated veterans you will be dismissed if you. the second change that i think is critically important is veterans should have the right to choose your own doctor. if you want to go to the va hospital you earned that right. if you want to go to the cardiologist at the local catholic hospital down the
10:52 pm
street you should have a right to do that if you work at wal-mart or disney you have the right to go to that hospital why should we treat our veterans worse than workers in the private sector. that doesn't make any sense. >> thank you for your service. god bless you. speaking of criminal referrals -- >> fib in mind? >> let's say that the fbi makes a criminal referral to the justice department and then ignored you. statute of limitations is not passed would you aggressively go after hillary clinton. >> if you believe the fbi believes she committed felonies. >> absolutely shths y-- absolut yes. >> there's a principle here that matters. this country was founded on the principle that no one is above
10:53 pm
the law. whether it is the clintons or whether it is some of the republican party who think they are above the law that the law doesn't apply to them that's not how it, would. we are a nation under god and under the constitution and the law needs to apply fairly to every one. >> we have a minute left. >> my name is aaron. i am a volunteer from texas who campaigned for you. i wonder howell electing you compared to the other candidates would impact the supreme court and other federal -- >> great question. >> thank you for being here. thank you for your passion and hard work. the supreme court hangs in the balance. we are one liberal justice away from a radical left wing court that would undermine our religious liberty undermine our second amendment that would give away u.s. sovereignty and make it subject to the international law in the world court. there are two candidates effectively in the race donald trump and me.
10:54 pm
he said he will negotiate with harry reid and chuck schumer and compromise on the supreme courtney replacement harry reid and chuck schumer sign off on will be a left wing activist. i give you my word, every justice that i appoint to the court will be a principle constitutionalist who will ferociously defend the bill of rights. >> ten tore. thank you. great to see you. thank you orlando. thank you orlando. we really appreciate it. unfortunately for all of you back home that's all of the time we have tonight from beautiful orlando, florida. we are having a magical time. don't forget florida will be voting, ohio will be voting, illinois will be voting and we will be following it all right here on the fox news channel. thank you for being with us. see you back here on monday.
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i'm chris wallace. growing violence at trump rallies amid accusations the front runner's rhetoric play as role. today we'll ask donald trump if he's responsible. trump is forced to cancel a rally in chicago after hundreds of protesters show up to disrupt it. >> when they have organized professionally staged wise guys we've got to fight back. >> trump's rivals pin the blame on him. >> last night in chicago we saw images that make america look like a third world country. >> any campaign responsibility starts at the top. >> we'll sit down with trump to discuss the violence and what


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